Game Designer

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Design

One of our gaming studios is searching for a Game Designer to create and tune combat gameplay including player skills, items, monster behavior, and scripted encounters for an upcoming global PC & console title. Your strong understanding of game balance, player motivation & core game loops will be channeled into making the game feel just right.

As a game designer you’ll be expected to work directly in the engine tools (Unreal 4) to create and maintain gameplay. You’ll set clear goals for your design, collect analytics and player feedback, and use them to inform ongoing iteration. You’ll be obsessive about tuning the content for maximum fun, and you’ll empathize with the wide range of player personas who value different parts of the game experience.



● Shipped titles in a game design role, directly working in the game content.

● You’ve used mathematical and analytical problem solving skills to bring a large gameplay system into balance, and it was really fun to play.

● You have a clear process for collecting qual and quant feedback about game content, deciding what should change about the game, and distilling this to actionable tasks.

● You understand how to design content that’s fun for everyone in a multiplayer-first, progression driven online game.



● Passion for and experience building action games with a focus on combat mechanics.

● Experience with rich-client free to play games; Experience with games as a service.

● Experience using existing assets and functional components to create new gameplay.