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Breaking News: Elemental Kingdoms is Live!

By dreamdefender @ October 17, 2013 at 9:30am

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This just in: Perfect World Entertainment's first mobile game has been released! 

Elemental Kingdoms
is now officially launched and live! We couldn't help but to announce this momentous occasion as we are very proud of our first published mobile title. Elemental Kingdoms is not your ordinary trading card game. It is the ultimate battle trading-card game for mobile! With unique features, an innovative deployment time management system, and 200 distinct cards offering campaigns with over 80 stages spread across four kingdoms, it’s TCG 2.0.


Elemental Kingdoms features, among other things, share-able battle replays and a draft battle PvP mode where participants duel with random decks of cards. Elemental Kingdoms will have daily and weekly events that allow gamers to build their deck to top the charts, keeping the gaming experience fresh.



Key Features

·         200 unique cards

·         250 different challenges

·         80 stages to compete in.

·         Draft Battle PVP

·         Unlock bonus levels, new abilities and dungeons

·         Battle Replays

·         Ranked matches – see where you stand against the top players across the globe. 



If you're a fan of trading card and/or strategy games, you'll definitely want to give this a try.
No need to worry about a subscription fee, as like all of PWE games, it is free to play!



So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to start assembling your legion and lead them to victory!


Play Elemental Kingdoms today!



Dislaimer: itunes is required for installation. If you do not have itunes, the link will direct you to the installation site.




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