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The Kytos

By dreamdefender @ November 23, 2013 at 5:30am

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We've already showcased a bit of the Psychea, so now it's time for the other Etherkin tribe, the Kytos! These quadriped warriors are not afraid to face danger head-on. In fact, they relish in it as the combination of their speed and mobility with wide sweeping spear skills have made them feared in their homeland.


Now, here on a strange new planet, the Kytos look to make the best of their situation. It matters not to them how or why they are in a strange new land, only what to do now that they are here. They know their allies, the Psychea will do all the "useless" thinking, so they are only focused on what new threats they may encounter, and how to keep their tribe secure.




These quadriped warriors are fearless in the face of danger and are always looking for a chance to break through the enemy lines to inflict massive area damage. They are renown for their high mobility and earth rumbling charge abilities, as well as the ability to absorb and even reflect damage. Let's cover a bit of the tools they have to be such a dominating force.





Kytos warriors thrive in the heat of battle. Because of this, you can play them a couple of different ways, but all of them require you to be up close and personal with your enemies. Their skill branches deal with defensive buffs, offensive buffs, absorbing damage, dealing more damage, and positioning.





One of their key top tier abilities involves reflecting damage taken. Now, it doesn't prevent the damage, but that doesn't phase a Kytos too much since they have good defensive buffs. Also, at higher ranks, the damage reflected will start to out do the damage taken. Combining this with their wide sweeping spear skills means you'll want to stay in the middle of a crowd to inflict the most damage.





The Kytos are masters of positioning both themselves and their enemies in battle. Their charge abilities enable them to cover large distances quickly to engage foes no matter the situation. Once behind enemy lines, a Kytos warrior can toss the vulnerable enemy behind them, allowing the team to pulverize the foe. They also have the ability to pull enemies to them, which works out well when they need to build up their specialty mechanic, Fury





Kytos relish in the spirit of battle and use Fury to fuel their more powerful abilities. They have two ways of acquiring Fury, which will depend heavily on your playstyle. To generate Fury, a Kytos warrior must go into a specific posture or stance. Out of the four postures available, the first two deal with generating fury from either taking damage or dealing damage.





The last two postures are examples in how to use that Fury, either for increasing skill accuracy or increasing skill critstrike. Not only postures work with Fury, however, as you can expect their higher tier skills to either consume or scale off their current Fury. As you can see, expect the Fury mechanic to be vital in mastering this new faction!





Combat isn't everything to a Kytos, however, as they can also transform into a mount! The lucky rider will have something we've all wished for, a living mount! Of course, you'll have to befriend your expected Kytos taxi before you can go anywhere. I wouldn't want to catch a ride with a disgruntled Kytos!






All in all, unlike the Psychea who rely on wit and zone control, the Kytos are much more straight-forward. Making full use of their positioning skills, in co-ordination with your team and personal spear skills, will allow a Kytos to deal high amounts of damage while still keeping the enemy occupied. 


Fight hard and long for victory in the face of your foes with the Kytos Tribe, one of the newest factions coming to Jade Dynasty: Regenesis!


More previews to come!


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