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BLR Turkey Carving Event!

By CaptainSmirk @ November 26, 2013 at 4:00pm

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Happy Thanksgiving Agents!


As we approach the Holiday Season, there is nothing I can think of that’s more fulfilling, nothing more rewarding, than spending time with friends and family. In the spirit of giving, and in the spirit of our Community, I’d like to wish you all the warmest and Happiest of Thanksgivings.


Break out the cranberry sauce! I’m bringing the Turkey! There’s only one small catch… You’ve got to do the carving.


That’s right Agents! I’ve got a live one here! To celebrate this Thanksgiving, I’ve set a Turkey loose in Blacklight! You’re orders are pretty simple, carve him up and bring him to me!


Turkey? Awesome! I love Turkey! Wait a minute… I’m doing all the work… What’s in it for me?



I am so glad you asked! Can’t put one past you can I? You bring me the Turkey, and I’m going to give you a prize so unbelievably massive so undeniably cool, it defies the realms of rational thought! Agents I want to give you a PLATINUM PACK!!!


Platinum Pack? What in the name of Pete is a Platinum Pack?


Friends, a Platinum Pack is Everything. Every last Helmet, Hero, Camo, Gear, Reciever, Attachment, and Armor that we’ve given out or sold!


Sounds an awful lot like a Gold Pack to me…


Wrong! When we released our Gold Packs back in the day (Which was a Tuesday by the way) There were a few things that we left out. Because well, we hadn’t released them yet. This is it. The Big Kahuna. This is the inventory of your dreams and it’s all PERMANENT! The powers that be are letting me give out 1 Platinum Pack to one lucky Agent. I’m not asking for much… Just a little Turkey.



Turkey, Turkey, Turkey!!! What are you talking about Turkey? I see no Turkey! Where is he? How do I carve him? How do you know it’s me??? My head hurts.


Calm down friends. Here’s the skinny. Starting today and running through until Maintenance next Tuesday a Turkey will be loose in the servers of US/AU and EU. When and where he will appear is a mystery, but find him. Kill him using either Combat Knives, Machete, Sonic Tomahawk, Exploding Tomahawk, or Throwing Knives. Take a screenshot of the kill with the Kill Feed visible so I can see what weapon you used and Post it here on this thread. Your ticket of entry into this contest is that screenshot. After Maintenance on Tuesday 12/3/13 I will be picking a winner randomly from the list of entries. Only one entry per player.


Sweet! So all I have to do is find this Turkey and Kill him! How will I know it’s him?


Oh you’ll know. Look for the beefy Agent named TomTurkey In the GOBL clan! He’s pretty tough to kill I’m warning you, but kill him and you might just get ALL THE TINGS!


The Rules:


1.    Kill TomTurkey using one of the following weapons:


  • Combat Knife Mk.1
  • Combat Knife Mk.2
  • Machete
  • Sonic Tomahawk
  • Exploding Tomahawk
  • Throwing Knives


2.    Screenshot the Kill and the Kill Feed.


3.    Post the Picture here.


Contest Starts: NOW

Contest Ends: 2pm on Tuesday 12/3/13

The Prize:


1 Agent from the list of entries will be randomly selected to win a Platinum Pack.


Ok Agents, Let’s go Turkey Hunting! WHO’S WITH ME!!!


Gobble Gobble Agents,




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