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ESO – The Interglade Event!

By dreamdefender @ November 27, 2013 at 5:00pm

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The Interglade Needs You!




A new part of the Lost Worlds has opened up, but it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. The Interglade, home of the Source Tree and its many gentle inhabitants has been invaded by Terachnea and her evil insectoid minions! Most of the denizens of the land have been forced out, and the bugs are trying to strip all of the Leafnodes from the Source Tree. If they do, not only will the Interglade wither and die (you can see parts have already started to de-rez), but Terachnea’s bugs will spread and soon come to threaten Pokari City itself!




The Interglade Cursor



This friendly inhabitant of the Interglade has several tasks for you to help fight Terachnea’s evil bugs. First, she can log you in to the Interglade itself to fight the bugs. Make sure you grab a bug report or two from her first, as you can get loads of EXP from completing them. Also, since the Interglade is a part of the Lost Worlds, you’ll need Astral Virtue to stay in. You can get a daily dose from Queen Zonis, or load up on Astral Charts from the Heaven Repository.



Next, she offers a series of daily quests to help reinforce the Interglade defenders fight the bugs. Called Bug Blight, this series of ten quests will not only reward you with EXP, but also a Framework Flower if you complete the final mission. Why would you want a Framework Flower, you ask? Why, to defeat the bosses of Malware Cavern!




Malware Cavern’s first test



Malware Cavern is the path that Terachnea is using to tunnel her way into the Interglade and unleash her tidal wave of bugs. The Interglade Cursor can send you in, but you’ll have to prove you can handle it first. Collect Source Tree Leafnodes from the monsters in the Interglade and turn them into her and she’ll open the gateway to Malware Cavern. Inside, you’ll face wave after wave of fiendish insects, and ultimately fight Terachnea’s three underlords: Kilotoid, Megamantis, and Gigazer. To awaken and fight each, you’ll need a Framework Flower, so make sure you bring 4 in.




The deadly Gigazer



Finally, if you can make it, you’ll face Terachnea herself. And while she may not seem overly-threatening, you’ll find she packs quite a punch.




The vile Terachnea



Alongside the massive amounts of EXP you can get, other rewards include new evolvable pets, Jades of Dragon, White Jade Signets, Pet EXP books, Vitamins, and more. There’s even a new title that will boost your Elemental Affinities.



So get going! The Interglade and the Source Tree aren’t going to save themselves!



Written by Mercsmash



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