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New Horizons Approaching!

By dreamdefender @ December 12, 2013 at 10:30am

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We're proud and excited to announce the next expansion, New Horizons, is coming to Perfect World International on December 18th!


In this great expansion, you can expect a whole host of UI improvements, new skills, new zones, new systems, and so much more. 


Feature List


-Reawakening System

Take your Lv100+ character to new heights be reawakening them!

-War Avatar System

Collect War Avatar cards to power up your character's stats to a new horizon.

-History Advancement System

Change the state of the world by progressing through world-wide objectives as a community!

-New zone: Primal World

New experiences and treasures await those who are brave enough to enter this world Pan Gu discarded.

-New starting zone: Place of Origination

Get familiar with the origins of Perfect World to understand the threat that it now faces!

-New skills

All classes have new skills to push their abilities even further than before.

-Revamped starter experience

A smoother starting experience awaits all, taking you through the new story and giving players an earlier taste of the power to come!

-UI Improvements

With an in-game assistant that provides all necessary information on anything clicked on the screen, such as item recipes and skill descriptions, the New Horizons user interface is the best PWI has ever seen!


 …and much more!


Want to check out some of the previews we've released? Take a look below:
- The War Avatar System
- The War Avatar System: Part 2 -Nuema
- Concept Art of New Horizons


And there are still more previews to come as we approach December 18th!


Get excited for a new age of unlimited potential, coming in Perfect World International: New Horizons!



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