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Temporal Lock Box

By PWE_BranFlakes @ September 24, 2012 at 11:45am


Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game
Wells Temporal Science Vessel

Since the first known encounters with them, xenobiologists have supported theories suggesting that Tholians are far more different from other forms of intelligent life than even their strange outer appearances suggest. One of the cornerstones of these theories is the notion that the Tholian Assembly actually spans multiple dimensions in spacetime. These claims are supported by their frequent involvement with the so-called “Mirror Universe,” as well as their apparent interest in the Temporal Cold War, and time displaced artifacts. It is said that the Tholian homeworld inhabits a region of space where the borders between dimensions are unnaturally thin, and that they have developed technology that allows them to cross those borders at will.

Up until now, these leading theories have been unsupported by much in the way of facts, as infiltrating the Tholian Assembly proved to be an impossible task. Recent evidence of Tholian activity within the Nukara System and the Azure Nebula has put nearly all remaining doubts to rest.

Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game
Korath Temporal Science Vessel

Within these areas, Tholian operatives have been utilizing multi-dimensional phasing technology to not only penetrate the borders between our spatial dimensions, but also the barriers of the space-time continuum itself. Their temporal incursions have resulted in the retrieval of technology, weapons, personnel and even entire starships, pulled from distant times and places.

Their temporal incursion technology is not perfect, however. Ripples from their activity have caused uncontrolled temporal anomalies to appear up to several hundred light years from their source. Daredevil profiteers from the Lobi Crystal Consortium have set up an intricate supply chain dedicated to seeking out these uncontrolled ripple anomalies, and exploiting them to retrieve goods that they can then sell to the highest bidders. Both Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force have an obvious interest in these valuable time-displaced artifacts, for it may be that the fate of time itself will be in the hands of the faction that controls them.


Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game
Mobius Temporal Destroyer (Mirror Universe)

What is Star Trek without time travel? From the first time Kirk took the Enterprise to another timeline, Star Trek writers have been sparring with temporal mechanics, causality loops, paradoxes, alternate realities and so much more. It’s become a cornerstone of our Trek experience, and an aspect of the intellectual property that we’ve been itching to toy with in Star Trek Online.

With the introduction of the Temporal Lock Box, we finally have a chance to introduce a small sampling of ships, gadgets and people that are direct references to time-travel-related references from Star Trek lore.

The shining jewel of those references is the grand prize of the upcoming Lock Box: The Temporal Science Vessel. We will be allowing Federation captains to get behind the helm of the Wells Class Starship, modeled directly after the U.S.S. Relativity seen in Star Trek: Voyager (s05e24: “Relativity”) and outfitted with an impressive console ability called the “Tipler Cylinder” which allows the ship to rewind time using a localized temporal anomaly. The KDF equivalent – the Korath Class Science Vessel (named after the infamous Klingon scientist that supplied Janeway with a Chrono Deflector in Star Trek: Voyager’s finale, “End Game”) – will also be outfitted with the same console ability, but have a completely original ship appearance that has been custom created in the style of a 29th Century Klingon Empire vessel.

Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game
Krenn Temporal Destroyer (Mirror Universe)

As a counterpart to these ships, we’re also introducing the Temporal Destroyer as an addition to our Lobi Crystal Store offerings. The Federation will be able to obtain the sleek Mobius Class Destroyer, while members of the KDF will obtain the deadly Krenn Class Destroyer. These powerful Mirror Universe Temporal vessels, also reminiscent of the design of 29th Century Federation and KDF starships, have a decidedly more tactical focus than their Temporal Science Vessel cousins, and also come equipped with another unique console ability known as the “Manheim Device” which can create quantum duplicates of your ship from its near-future and near-past. Equipping both this and the Tipler Cylinder on a single ship will also unlock additional effects when activated, and they can be fitted on any temporal vessel.

In addition to these full-size Temporal vessels, we’ll also be offering a flyable version of the Aeon Timeship (Federation) and Rozhenko Timeship (KDF) shuttles for sale on the Lobi Crystal Store.

Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game
Rozhenko and Aeon Timeships

Mirror Universe Vessels will also be making a return appearance in the Temporal Lock Box. Federation players will find either a Mirror Universe Deep Space Science Vessel or Mirror Universe Reconnaissance Science Vessel, while KDF players will find a unique Qin Raptor variant dressed in a Mirror Universe skin. As an additional feature coming along with this round of Mirror Universe vessels, we have also enabled the use of the I.S.S. registry prefix for these (or A.K.S. for Klingon equivalents) and all previously available Mirror Universe ships. These prefix unlocks will only be usable on Mirror Universe ships.

Complete stats and information on all of the above ships and their associated special abilities will be published in a future Dev Blog, so keep checking in to see which of these fantastic ships will be added to your personal wish list!

While starships are easily the most talked-about prizes of any Lock Box we roll out, they are far from being the only prize worth seeking out. As with all previous Lock Boxes, the upcoming Temporal Lock Box will allow players to obtain Ship Consoles previously unavailable to their faction. Federation players will finally be able to get their hands on the Isometric Charge console, while members of the KDF can turn the tides of battle with an Antimatter Spread console.

Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game
Mirror Universe Deep Space Science Vessel, Qin Heavy Raptor, and Reconnaissance Science Vessel

We’re excited to announce that the Temporal Lock Box will also mark the return of a fan-favorite mechanic first seen in the Ferengi Lock Box – an item which, when activated, will enable players to undertake a never-before-seen Duty Officer Assignment. The Temporal Beacon Storage Device contains one of nine random Temporal Beacons, each of which allows you to send your Duty Officers on dangerous Time Travel assignments. Each of these assignments, if successful, will result in large CXP rewards in their specific commendation categories, as well as an opportunity to recruit Temporal Investigator or Time Traveler Duty Officers to add to your roster.

Another returning feature that was missed when we introduced the Tholian Lock Box is a Space Equipment Set. We’re happy to say that alongside the Temporal Lock Box, we’ll be introducing a new Temporal Set that will be obtainable from the Lobi Crystal Store. This set includes a Chroniton Dual Beam Bank, a Temporal Disruption Device (a torpedo-type weapon), and Universal Console: Tachyokinetic Converter. These items, when combined, will give captains a passive boost to their Chroniton projectiles as well as allowing you to activate an AOE time-slowing bubble around your ship that will slow down nearby enemies’ Flight Speed, Turning Speed and Recharge Timers. If equipped on a Temporal vessel, this ability also has an beneficial effect on the ship that activates it, increasing their maneuverability and reducing their recharge times.

A new costume pack will become available in the Lobi Crystal Store that tie to the 29th Century theme. Both factions will be able to obtain a Time Traveler Jumpsuit, as seen worn by “Crewman” Daniels in an alternate 31st Century timeline.

Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game
Time Traveler Jumpsuit

We’ll be introducing a new hybrid energy weapon with the Temporal Lock Box: Polarized Disruptors. Much like the Phased Tetryon weaponry introduced with the Tholian Lock Box, this new energy type combines the properties of two separate energy types: Polarons and Disruptors. Both space and ground weapons will be available, and all will be of Very Rare (Purple) quality. And remember – Level 50 characters will have a chance to receive Mk XII Very Rare weaponry when opening these reward packs!

The most notable change that is taking place when the Temporal Lock Box appears on Holodeck, is happening on the Lobi Crystal Store. Our original design for the store was to have a rotating stock that would periodically be altered with the introduction of each new Lock Box. Based primarily on the feedback we received from our fans and players, we’ve decided to alter that design from this point forward.

With the Lock Box Promo that began on September 20th, we’ve brought back the items that were previously available alongside the Ferengi Lock Box as well as adding many items that previously appeared in the Cardassian Lock Box. I’m excited to announce that those items will not be going away when the Temporal Lock Box becomes available.

In fact, for the foreseeable future, we do not plan on removing items from the Lobi Crystal Store.

This means that each new Lock Box, beginning with the upcoming Temporal Lock Box, will introduce new and interesting items that cause the Lobi Crystal Store inventory to continue to grow more and more impressive, with more and more reward options available for purchase. From this point forward, no player will ever have to worry about missing an opportunity to purchase the item they want to have, because they may have been unable to gather enough Lobi Crystal in time.

A complete FAQ will be published soon that will include an item-by-item breakdown of the contents of the Temporal Lock Box as well as the items that will be added to the Lobi Crystal Store. We’re all certain you’ll enjoy the new and returning items alike, and look forward to seeing you all in-game as we continue our trek through time toward Season 7 and beyond.


Read more about the new Temporal Lock Box and Lobi ships in Season 6 Dev Blog #29, and check out our new FAQ here.


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  • gojored @ Aug 1st, 2013 12:23PM

    All online games must be a profitable business to thrive and grow. I think Cryptic is doing a great job giving us an outstanding experience (bugs happen, eventually they do get fixed) and they are trying cery hard to give us thier best both to make us happy, and to make a handy profit as well. The latest expansion LOR is a great example. nothing is perfect, if you find yourself either too involved and you get frustrated too easy, just take a breather. It is just a game. I have found that the romulan ships are actually a compendium of the best different things everyone wanted to do with thier ships, and this latest approach and design (including the new consoles) is a great idea, i'm having a blast just trying different set-ups. The ability to tune your ship and characters in so many ways is entertainment all by itself lol.

  • dem613 @ Jan 12th, 2013 2:19PM

    How can someone buy/sell zen/dilithium. I'm not understanding how?'

  • madblooddoll @ Dec 30th, 2012 2:35AM

    put the temporal destroyer on the cstore already, i'm not paying for keys.

  • madanthony1st @ Oct 19th, 2012 7:27AM

    I have bought lock box keys and duty officer packs and don't ever get crap. The are a waist of money and I will not buy another wish pack. You wish for something good and find out u get crap nothing. Its just a wish.

  • siryphas @ Oct 9th, 2012 12:21PM

    I personally don't see a problem with the lock boxes. They have to make some money to keep giving us new stuff, this is how they get that money since most people dont subscribe (myself included). I just wish that the Devs would add keys as rare drops. Like out of 20 lock boxes, one key could be dropped or something. Or lower the price of the keys to like 50 ZEN. It'd be a little easier for people to get them and then they'd have a small increase in sales. But that's just my opinion.

  • krinkutadmlbubba

    They'd have to double their sales just to break even with current profits if they reduced the price to 50 Zen, which is unlikely.

  • arveduy @ Oct 8th, 2012 7:16AM

    I have seen (And been on.) both sides of this debate. I don't like lock boxes, but I understand that they are a good (Well, I'll admit, not the best... But if they put these ships in the C-store you'd be seeing more Galors, D'koras, Attack ships, Orb weavers, etc. than the faction's ships.) way to put ships and items into the game that otherwise couldn't be added. I myself refuse to spend real money on lock boxes, and grind dilithium when I want a key or two. I do not understand why people are cancelling their subscriptions over this issue though. The drop rate has been lowered, so we don't have them showing up everywhere... If you don't like them, ignore them. No one is forcing you to buy keys. However, I would like it if the devs would stop making stuff to put in lock boxes and go back to (Or start.. wait, even I'm not that pessimistic.) working on season seven.

  • strykervalmont @ Oct 4th, 2012 2:17PM

    I think you guys at Cryptic/PWE are doing a good job. No doubt that there's still much to improve on. I for one would love to see another faction added or more added to the KDF. But I'm also very excited with your plans after releasing the starbase. I for one also like the Lock Boxes, I open them and use the contents as rewards for my fleet. Just ignore all the haters, and know there's enough of us real players to keep this going.

  • quantum2113 @ Oct 2nd, 2012 9:57AM

    You all need to turn off the computer and go outside for some fresh air or a smoke. This "game" is a business. When it went from monthly subscription to "free to play" (that still makes me laugh everytime I read it) you should have known it was going to be a cash store fiesta. The company that runs a cash shop is interested in your DOLLARS. Not how you feel about the star trek, or any other, universe. Just enjoy the game while it's here and know, deep in your heart, that eventually there will be nothing you can do to save the game from extinction. It is the way of MMO's. The ones that come out GREAT only have down hill to go. IMHO as always.

  • usseclipse @ Oct 2nd, 2012 2:21AM

    Seeing as how online gambling is illegal in the United States, I am starting to wonder about this game. I was so excited about STO on release that I bought 3 copies of the game. The thing is, when they implemented the C-STORE, I warned everyone where this would lead. Then they added Free-to-Play... now its Buy to Win.

  • ravsr @ Oct 1st, 2012 9:24PM

    WOW really! Another lock box it was fun the first time but after awhile it is a big let down. Why don’t you put your time and efforts to creating more playable races! What about the Cardassians, Romulans, Dominion or the BORG! You guys are losing momentum and are trying to grasp to hang on and if you are not careful this game is going to fade just like Star Wars Galaxies! Also I don’t always like playing in groups with other players so why can’t I form a fleet with the other ships that I have in my dry dock. Oh and on a side note I don’t even mess with the foundry function of the game why you may ask if I want to create my own mission I will become a programmer. This is why I put money into the game and buy the extra ships and stuff it is to pay for a better GAME!!!

  • serevn @ Oct 1st, 2012 12:10AM

    Geez just give me a new KDF tac ship i can buy straight from the store.

  • hutchman78 @ Sep 30th, 2012 2:07PM

    my only complaint is that i saw the same guy when a new temporal science ship twice in a row, seems like the ods of winning are better for some then for others

  • therealrelic @ Sep 29th, 2012 7:02PM

    This looks great! I'm impressed by the timeships, but I have to agree with some of the people above you guys need to put some of this stuff in the C-Store! It would get you some extra cash from the people who don't buy the lockbox keys.

  • sc54834 @ Sep 29th, 2012 5:36PM

    Thanks thats the point i was making, if you guys are unhappy with the game dont play cause all your complaining ruins it for the rest of us

  • bblbrx @ Sep 29th, 2012 6:51AM

    Great work !!! Thanks Cryptic and thanks PWE, you're doing a real good job, this game is going better and better every day ! There is, of cours a lot of people that complain, but there is a lot lot more that didn't and we are very happy on how you rule this game. For those who complain all the time : Why are you still here ? There is plenty of other MMO nowdays. You should try them. Maybe you'll finally find the perfect game you're searching for ;) (by now i don't know a single f2p or not mmo without any bug or without any in game store but I didn't know all the online game)

  • wraithshadow13 @ Sep 28th, 2012 9:08PM

    So far I've only managed to get duty officer packs, and one temporal officer Jane Zombie who is a bartender with no discernable time related anything. I'm hoping I have a little bit better luck with these things.

  • sc54834 @ Sep 28th, 2012 4:07PM

    Blah Blah Blah all i hear out of everyone is Complaining that one guy is right if this stuff is put in Zstore it wouldnt be a star trek universe anymore cause all of you would get these new ships... stop complaining this is the best way to limit these ships so that star trek will stay star trek and Pw is doing a good job at keeping it a trek universe... People they are working hard to keep this a good game so get over your selves

  • oompasloompas

    for it to be a star trek universe there would need to be 1 of ANY ship, with that there is no need to limit, if everyone who wanted a ship they would buy it, this is greed!!!! SIMPLE!!!! there is no need to limit how many ships are in play. Complaining about people Complaining is COMPLAINING!!!! get over yourself too!!! Working hard would be building a quality product, not a publishers clearing house random lottery get rich quick and drop out while ahead. I spent my money, that is the last this game will see. if it was more then what I had I wouldn't complain, I would do what I did for the Armitage, I'd wait and save until I COULD get it! There is a difference in complaining because someone disagrees with a price or having to pay money at all, and complaining about shady gambling tactics! I willingly spent real money to buy a ship, I throw away real money TRYING for this ship! REAL MONEY, I'm not complaining about having to spending money to actually get something! I throw away real money to get nothing, and I was one of a few who really wanted to see this ship in the game. there is no option to go to another game and get this ship, like store's, if you don't like how a store sells something there are other options, this is the only STO, and PWE has defaced the Star Trek name for me!

  • oompasloompas

    Honestly the whole argument over limiting ship's in play is ignorant and invalid! they are not going to stop selling lock box keys or stop dropping temporal lockbox's when a certain number is reached! they will stop dropping these lock box's at some point, but not due to any limit on the number of ships in play just the lack of interest in what is in this incarnation of lockbox, which they will add other exclusive items to the lottery! at some point your be that one guy complaining or spending the $10k~$15k!!!

  • oompasloompas @ Sep 28th, 2012 1:37PM

    :( all that asking and asking to add the Wells class USS Relativity ship and it's in lock box's :( no wonder all my friends left the game. guess I'll spend my 1579 zen on gambiling, then leave the game like a vegas casino... I'm a local Las Vegas resident and hate gambling and never go to casinos... I'll just think of this game as a casino with WORSE odds and never come back! they added the Armitage, I bought it, I'd buy a Well's class too. but this gambling is trashing the game! yay perfect world!!! I haven't been spending much time in the game yet I still bought the heavey escort carrier, I'd buy the Well's class too... but PW has ruiend the game for me, I don't even have real lift friend willing to play it anymore!

  • t2tcb @ Sep 28th, 2012 12:36PM

    Some awesome stuff here, unfortunately as many have pointed out, it's a frustrating gamble. And I've never had any good luck with gambling. Won't spend a cent on this lock box nonsense. Just put the stuff in the C-Store. The more I play, the more I spend. Then again...haven't played much lately. I wish they'd spend more time on new gameplay content and improvements/enhancements. STO's becoming more of a store rather than a game.

  • dewindae @ Sep 27th, 2012 9:33PM

    lottery = pay to win, your bumming me out with this c-store randoms and stop filling up my cargo bay your worse then stupid tribbles.

  • dewindae


  • jojobe @ Sep 27th, 2012 8:27PM

    I can not agree with you more. I spent 125.00 trying to get a tholan science ship and didnt get one. I did however get a fleet of federation star curisers. I wont buy keys ever again! gambling is bad and this game is now doing it. IF if it aint on the store dont buy it. Or if you cant get one from energy credit in game. I for one will never do that again.

  • slick97477 @ Sep 27th, 2012 5:37PM

    Come on guys put something on the c-store for a new ship. Check my account i buy stuff off of c-store all the time but i refuse as many others have stated to buy into this lock box lottery.dont mistake me for complaining about the boxes i am but i dont buy the keys either because it is a pointless venture especially for the people who cant afford to buy 50 thousand keys to get a ship. At least make a special DOFF mission or something so there is another way to get keys. Dont get me wrong good idea on the ships but bad idea on how they are being distributed. At least put a ship on the c-store so the majority of all customers are happy. I personaly would be more than happy to pay for 1 of those ships on the c-store. Just dont want to pay all that money for a might get a ship. The logic in that is not sound. But anyway thanks for the new ships i just wont ever use any til they are available in a different way for me to get them

  • phoenecian182 @ Sep 27th, 2012 2:25PM

    Well I stocked up on Master Keys ready for the temporal lock box launch, around 40 in total, and guess what I got for all my money? Duty Officers! The occasional Temporal Beacon but that's it. I hate these lottery boxes as I've never got anything decent out of them, but my friend talked me in to giving it a go this time and I got squat. Thanks for nothing! I'd much rather of paid for the Wells Class as a Cstore ship!!

  • lunasto

    Do what I did, I paid for one in Energy Credits on the Exchange. Those who put hard work into the game can still gain the rewards. I play for free, but I am also not above taking the time to earn enough to play along. I didnt get my Ferengi ship from a lockbox, I bought it off of the Exchange. Get creative and find all of the ways you can obtain cool stuff in game if you dont have or wish to pay real money. I'm a gamer, i have been for years, but like any RPG you have to grind to level, grind to earn and grind to get ahead, and once we get what we want, its the pride of what we accomplished that gives us bragging rights and the best gear! Thats why I thank the Dev's, for setting up a system so I dont have to pay for anything, someone else did and put it on the Exchange for us, the perfect barter system. As for it giving paying players an advantage, my XII MACO gear i earned from STF grinding, is also a mark of my hard work, the best in the game, as is the Elite FLeet gear, nothing in a lockbox or Zstore can top the stuff that can be earned!!

  • oompasloompas

    @lunasto, I think I should have done the same, spent my money to increase my EC cap and save to get this ship. to late for me, but it would have been a better option! That is about exclusive lockbox items... I'd rather save and buy from the Zstore, but for these scam lottery items maybe doing it your way is the best option!!

  • vyrebaelfyre @ Sep 27th, 2012 1:34PM

    In my experience, I have only one type of luck when it comes to something like this: Bad. Ergo, I will never, and have never, -EVER- bought a key to unlock one of the -dozens- of lockboxes that're spamming my inventory. it's gotten so bad that I actually discard them rather than wasting time to stick them in a bank or on the exchange! F**KING STOP IT WITH THE F**KING LOTTERY BOXES, PLEASE!

  • aestu @ Sep 27th, 2012 11:37AM

    Anyone who says "Great job devs! We get to spend real money on a lotto!" or "You don't have to give PWE money" is not a legitimate player but on their payroll. It's that simple. After all, could anyone imagine any real player saying such things? All of those specious arguments are just bullying designed to insulate PWE from criticism. It's consumer Stockholm Syndrome. Bottom line is that this stuff takes the place of monetizing the game through actual playable content (instances, fleet actions, episodes, worlds, etc). Why make good content if you can bully people into paying for a few pixels? A Once it is in the game it cannot simply be ignored; if one does not buy these things others will, and anyone who doesn't is at a power disadvantage. So no, it is not a personal choice, these items affect the balance of the game against anyone who doesn't buy them. It's bullying plain and simple.


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