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PWE Media Creation Guidelines

By dezstravus @ March 15, 2013 at 8:45am




At Perfect World Entertainment, we are delighted by our community and fans’ desires to create video content based on our games and other intellectual property. In order to help determine what we believe to be acceptable use of our content (art, music, sound, video, et al) we have created this guide. Further, this should be the only reference you need if asked for permissions from YouTube or similar sites.



The First Thing

The main rule, except as specifically mentioned here, is that any use of our content is limited to non-commercial purposes.



How you can publish your content

All content that you create must be available without requiring payment by a viewer or visitor, or any other restrictions on their ability to view the content. This means for example, that you cannot put your video behind a pay wall, sign up for any good or service, or any other action in order to access a video or other content.


If you put your video on a site which has a paid “premium” option, the video must also be available to non-paying users.


Revenue you receive, or ads that you run, may not interfere with video access – subject to the rest of this document.



What does this mean?


This means that without our prior permission, you are not allowed to license your work based on our content to someone else for a fee, or any other form of compensation.


The only exceptions that do not require prior permission are:


-YouTube Partner Programs

-Own3D.tv, Ustream.tv, Justin.tv, and Blip.tv




Go Wild! (but not that wild)

Please keep your wits about you when making your work, and try to keep it game-specific. While we appreciate your creativity and expression, we absolutely require that you do not produce racist, homophobic, bigoted, sexist, or other offensive content using our assets and materials.





If someone wants to sponsor you to make content – that’s awesome, congrats! Just please make sure to clearly identify the relationship with you and the sponsor by including, “Sponsored by:” text whenever necessary, and try to keep sponsor messages to a reasonable length.



How can I reach out to Perfect World if I want to request support for promoting my content?

We receive a high volume of these requests, and would love to respond to them all, though unfortunately we are not always able to. If you have content that you'd like to tell us about, the best thing to do is to reach out to us via Twitter, and promote your content on the official game forums. Exceptional content that receives a high volume of positive player feedback is more likely to get noticed! The links for the official Twitter accounts and official game forums can be found on each of our individual game sites.


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