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PWI – Meridian System Preview!

By V4liance @ June 14, 2013 at 11:00am

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Pan Gu has smiled upon the warriors of Perfect World, and granted access to the powerful Meridian life-energy system! Click through to read a preview of this incredible system that will permanently increase your health, attack, and defense!




With the upcoming expansion, PWI: Rising Call, the new Meridian life energy system will be available. When you open up your inventory (press "b" for "baggu!"), you'll see your silhouette now contains a constellation of Meridians, just waiting to be unlocked. Click the silhouette to open up the interface.




The Governing and Conception Vessels are the main rivers of the body's Yin and Yang life energies. They must be held in balance, and you must unlock each Meridian to gain new power.


Click the open Meridian to find the Living Gates and unlock your true power and potential!




Here you can see that there are 48 possible Gates, and in this case, 25 of which are "Living Gates."  You must find a Living Gate in order to unlock the Meridian, and move on to the next one.\


In order to find the Living Gate, you must "attack" one of the 48 Gates, and hope you find the right one!


In order to attack the gates, you will be able to perform Mystical attacks and Holy attacks. 


Here's how it works:



Mystical attacks cost Mystical Pills, which can be acquired from daily quests, special events, and can be purchased from the PW Boutique.


The total number of Mystical attacks you can attempt per day depends on the number of consecutive days that you've logged on – one attack, per day, for up to five consecutive days.  So if you've logged in 5 days in a row, you'll get 5 attacks per day, from that day on, so long as you keep logging in every day!


But when you run out of Mystical attacks for that day, you can use Holy attacks!



Holy attacks work similarly to Mystical attacks, except Holy attacks require 1 Mystical Pill and 1 Holy Pill.  Holy Pills can be acquired via special events and can be purchased from the PW Boutique.


The number of Holy Attacks you can attempt per day is much higher – 50 per day you've logged in, for up to 2 consecutive days.  So if you've logged in two days in a row, you can make 100 Holy attacks!

As you successfully unlock Meridians, you'll see that your health, attack, and defense will increase permanently!



Eventually you will complete a full circuit of the Meridians, at which point you will be able to attack your center, and unlock the next level of Meridians!


As you penetrate each layer of Meridians, you will gain in power through knowledge of your core self! However, each layer will become more challenging to complete, and only the most steadfast and determined will reach true enlightenment!


How much power can you unlock? How much life-energy will you access? How deeply can you dive into your own self?


Find out when PWI: Rising Call launches!


And be sure to sign up for your free all-class pet if you haven't yet!


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