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Contract Killer Missions – Updated!

By CaptainSmirk @ February 5, 2014 at 4:00pm

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The Contract Killer missions are now live – with these weekly tiered missions, your kills can earn you a temp Loadout Slot, Mission Chance Packs and more!


UPDATE: The rewards for the Tier 3 mission have been updated! Until maintenance on 10/15, you can get the Blue Hardsuit camo (instead of the Red), and the Rebel Rouser premade Assault Rifle.






We've tracked those unidentified contacts into all our operational zones. Unless we can get a positive ID, we’ll have to treat them as hostile.


We’re assuming this incursion is a hostile infiltration, and we’re offering contracts to every Agent that can muster up and deploy. Check your Missions list, and you’ll find the tiered Contract Killer missions. We’ll pay a bounty as you hit kill milestones, including temp loadout slots, titles, and Mission Chance Packs. These missions will automatically track kills in all deployment types and all areas of engagement.



The first few tiers will take a couple hours’ worth of engagement, if you’re an average soldier; a dead-shot with a smart team might only need a single deployment to rack up early rewards. The higher tiers will challenge even veteran soldiers.


Plan to deploy daily and work on kill efficiency, because our armory’s open with rewards. The top tier is a week’s authorization for a Loadout Slot, and since the contract refreshes every week, active Agents can get an effectively-permanent slot.


Suit up, Agent, and happy hunting…



Contract Killer, mission breakdown:


Tier 0: 30 kills; Mission Chance Pack.


Tier 1: 500 kills; 2 Mission Chance Packs.


Tier 2: 1000 kills; 3-day Loadout slot and 1k GP token.

Tier 3: 2000 kills; 7-day Digital Red Weapon camo, 3-day 50% XP boost, and 7-day Briar 04XL ‘Fatal Attraction’.


Tier 4: 4500 kills; 7-day Loadout slot, 7-day Bring It taunt, and 7-day title: Exterminator


This mission will reset weekly, and will run for the foreseeable future.


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