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Release Notes, December 12th 2013

By DwightMC @ December 12, 2013 at 7:12am

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  • Legacy Aura Defiance no longer has the appearance of Ego Form when in an Always On Aura Slot.


  • Added another Legacy Aura Vendor to Ren Center, near the tailors. Added Legacy Vendors to Powerhouses just outside Greer & Harlick tailor outlets.


  • Auras no longer have 4x intensity when used in an In Combat slot, and will stack correctly with other auras of the same type for multicolored effects.





  • The following mouth accessories can now be used with half helmet: Goatee, Goatee Pharaoh, Soul Patch Long, Soul Patch, Ring Master, Vandyke, Tendril Goatee, Moustache, Moustache Long, Moustache Handlebar


  • Costume items in the C-Store will now list the unlocked costume parts for both male and female.





  • The temporary versions of Become Frank, Ghost, Mummy, Snowman, Gingerbread Man, and Toy Soldier have been reduced to "green" quality.

Auras Release Notes, December 6th 2013

By TrailTurtle @ December 5, 2013 at 3:52pm

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Release notes for December 6th, 2013. Heroes, if you've been anxiously awaiting the release of our Auras system, tomorrow's the big day: We'll be having a Friday morning maintenance, and at the end, you'll be able to get your grubby gloves on them. Auras are visual effects that you can equip, color, and slot into either always-on or combat-only slots; get more details in this preview blog.




Auras are here! Auras are slottable items that create a new visual effect surrounding your character. Depending on how you slot them, an aura can be active all or the time or just when you are in in combat. Multiple Auras can be active at the same time, leading to millions of potential combinations.


  • Access your Aura Slots via the Auras tab Character Status window (press C).
  • We have added an Aura Storage bag to your character so that you have somewhere to keep your new Aura items.
  • All slotted passives have had their effects removed. You can now buy these effects as Legacy Auras from the new Legacy Aura Vendor in Renaissance Center. All characters get one Legacy Aura for free.
  • You can buy additional Aura packs, as well as extra Aura Slots and Aura Storage slots, from the C-Store.


Winter Event:

  • The Winter event has begun! Black Harlequin is terrorizing Millennium City once again with his army of misfit toys, including Clarence the Giant Mecha Teddy.
  • Join the Black Harlequin Alert to confront him in his demented toy factory: The Finkle Foundry. This Alert was previously known as the March of the Mecha Soldiers mission.
  • The Winter Wonderland Lockbox is now live. Possible prizes include the Dasher Winter Sleigh vehicle, a Become Workshop Elf device, and the Santa Suit costume.



  • The Red Winter Custom Alert no longer applies an XP buff, and no longer counts as a Smash alert for Daily mission credit.
  • Cleaned up the tooltips for Alert boost rewards.



  • Heirloom items from the Nemesis system are no longer Unique.
  • Dark Aura has been converted from a toggle device to an Aura item.



  • Added Regenerating Test Dummies to the rest of the Powerhouses.
  • Those dummies have been set to level 40 (not skull) to avoid some problems players were encountering.



  • Aura of Radiant Protection – The Runic Glow cosmetic advantage has been removed, and the visual effect is now part of Legacy Aura: Radiant Protection. Players with this 0-point advantage will need to visit the Powerhouse before training new powers.



  • The female Kabuki Mask was missing some textures in its Leather and Metal materials. Fixed.
  • The Kabuki mask texture "Cinco de Mayo" has been renamed to "Dia de Los Muertos".



  • Item listings in tabbed stores have been revised to accommodate prices with long names.



  • Fixed a civilian callout message that had lost the name of the villain you'd defeated.



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Release Notes, November 14

By DwightMC @ November 13, 2013 at 5:21pm

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Release notes for November 14, 2013

Veteran Rewards: 

  • Veteran Rewards now unlock immediately for Lifetime Subscribers. You can read more about this change here.


  • Dodge and Avoid have changed substantially in this patch. Dodge Rating will now only be found on equipment and in specs, and will provide less dodge than in the past. In addition to this many of the powers that previously granted dodge rating now grant flat Dodge Chance. You can read more about these changes in this dev blog by Gentleman Crush.


    • All characters created before October 24th 2013 have been given a Free Retcon.


    • Recognition tokens that are dropped on the ground now have a unique appearance and will automatically picked when you walk over them. 

    The Drifter Store:

    • The Drifter store now has Armadillo costume pieces for sale.

    • The Drifter store has a new vehicle for sale: AV-55C Akema VTOL

      • You can now store Drifter Salvage in your Account Bank.



      • Added a Change Character button to the game menu that goes to the Character Select screen.

      • Added a Sort button to the inventory and bank windows.

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      Release Notes, October 24th

      By TrailTurtle @ October 23, 2013 at 7:57pm

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      Release notes for October 24, 2013.



      • Most Vehicles got a minor rename to move the vehicle type (such as "Grav Bike") from the name to the item's description.
        • Old Hawkwings that were named like Become Devices (such as "Become Hawkwing Command Ship") are now called Prototypes (such as "Prototype Hawkwing Command Ship")
        • Hawkwings that had "Mark 2" in their names (such as "Hawkwing Command Ship Mark 2") to differentiate them from the Prototypes aren't called "Mark 2" anymore (such as "Hawkwing Command Ship").
      • Hawkwing vehicles now have a 30 second cooldown like the other vehicles.



      • Gladiator Imperator become device: fixed stat scaling on its Unstoppable passive.
      • Fixed damage absorb for the Invulnerability power on Lemurian Power Armors and Powered Suit become devices.
      • Added invulnerability passive to Resistance Command Leader Robot become device, since it had no passive.
      • Mummy become device: fixed issues related to stat scaling for its Pestilence passive.
      • Both new and existing Doomlord and Celestial become devices have been raised from purple to gold quality.
      • Halloween Treat Bags may now be used straight from your inventory.
      • Gravity Pulse (vehicle weapon) now affects a maximum of five targets per pulse.
      • Fixed an issue where vehicles would sometimes become immobile.
      • Favor of the Champions, XP Boost, Resources Boost now stack to 999.



      • Loading screens referring to Alert rewards have been updated.


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