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5X EXP Event Weekend! 8/16/2013

By Synchroze @ August 16, 2013 at 10:00am


Tired of being a lowbie and want to check out the end game content? Now’s your chance! We’re having a 5X EXP event to help you get to that end game content! That’s right, not 2X or 3X, but 5X EXP! Grab some friends and start hitting those dungeons in force. Grab some loot and watch the experience rack up as you burn through levels with ease. Mark your calendars and set a reminder because this event is set to start in a few days! (more…)

Rusty Hearts Halloween Art Contest Winners!

By Summ @ November 2, 2012 at 12:00pm


The voting process has ended and the community has chosen their winners! Here are the results of the first Rusty Hearts Halloween Art contest.


Top 5:

myuto0 Prize SENT

miyukisuzu Prize SENT

jyonenshi Prize SENT

morbid11 Prize SENT

asukashin13 Prize SENT


 Roselle Vergerius Avatar
 50 Incredible Full-Strength Adhesives
 30 Colorful Gem Boxes




Runners-up (6th to 10th):

funuser (11 votes)

personah (7 votes) Prize SENT

akisenya Prize SENT and sjess (6 votes)

cocolinka and qwertier10 Prize SENT(5 votes)


Win: Halloween 2012 Costume Pack

Runners-up will need to send a private message to CM Synchroze with their character choice, character name, and server in order to receive the proper Halloween Costume Pack.


Thanks to all those that participated and voted!


[View voting results]

[View all the entries]



Columbus Day Explorer’s Event – Free Action MMORPG

By Summ @ October 5, 2012 at 3:09pm


Join us October 8th as we celebrate Columbus Day by having all Rusty Hearts explorer waves of dungeons while enduring the hardships of Blood Mode. For 1,492 minutes (~25 hours) starting at midnight 10/8, players that complete 20 unique dungeons on Blood Mode will receive an epic Explorer’s Prize pack.


How do we consider a dungeon run unique? Each dungeon you complete on a different dungeon is labeled as “unique.” If you complete 20 Blood Mode runs of the same dungeon, you will not qualify for this prize. You must complete 20 different dungeons, all on blood mode, to win your prize pack.


What is in the Explorer’s Prize pack? 


 (4) Alchemist Jars

 (4) Magic Chests of Change

 (1) +10 Weapon Enchant Pack


Now's your chance to explore new weapon abilities as well as the full range of Rusty Hearts dungeons. Don't let yourself, and everyone around you, down by not participating in this awesome event. Get rewarded just for playing Rusty Hearts this Columbus Day and enter a new world of awesomeness. 


Challenge Dates and Times

Event Start Date: 12am PDT/ 3am Eastern/ 7am GMT +0 October 8th

Event End Date: 1am PDT/ 4am Eastern/ 8am GMT+0 October 9th


First-Time Deposit Lottery- Massive Prize Pack – Free Action MMORPG

By Summ @ September 28, 2012 at 3:04pm


Update: Lottery winners were picked and email codes for the prizes listed below. If you made a first time deposit and entered this giveaway, please check your mail as you may have won! Because we can only provide account names, we cannot make these public due to our terms of service and privacy rules. 


Thanks to everyone that made a first deposit and entered this contest!

-The RH Team. 


This weekend we’re introducing our first ever ZEN deposit lottery. If you have never deposited ZEN before, you will be entered in to a lottery for a chance to win a huge Rusty Hearts prize pack worth over 5,000 ZEN when you make your first deposit! Check out the full details below on how you can make your first deposit, the best decision you’ve ever made!


For your first ZEN Deposit you make in to Rusty Hearts you’ll receive a corresponding entry in to our First-time ZEN Deposit Lottery. Deposit more ZEN and increase your odds of winning! Remember, because this is exclusive to new spenders your odds of winning are increased significantly. 

Deposit the following amounts and receive the corresponding lottery entries:


500 ZEN –    1 Entry
1,000 ZEN – 2 Entries
2,000 ZEN – 5 Entries
3,000 ZEN – 8 Entries
5,000 ZEN – 15 Entries


10 Lucky first-time deposit winners will be picked at random and contacted on October 5, 2012. 


The entry period starts and ends between these times:


Start Time: 3pm PDT /7pm Eastern September 28  (2am GMT +0 June 16)

End Time: 11:59pm PDT September 30 (2:59am Eastern/ 6:59am  GMT +0 June 18)


The 10 lucky winners will receive a prize pack worth over 5,000 ZEN! Prize packs include:


    Roselle Avatar Creator

   (30) Colorful Gem Boxes

   (24) Poison's Secret Boxes

   (100) Incredible Full-Strength Adhesives


*Items cannot be traded
*Items will take approximately 8 days to be sent 
*Prizes must be used within 30 days of receiving them


Charge your ZEN and deposit in to Rusty Hearts today to enter to win your prize pack!