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PvP Rankings Return – Win $100 Amazon Gift Cards!

By TrailTurtle @ August 1, 2012 at 11:37pm


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PvP Rankings have returned with Jade Dynasty's summer update! For every PK you make, you'll be getting PvP points and climbing the rankings. The top PvPers in Jade Dynasty will win Amazon gift cards, special titles, special Empress Lunara spawns and more!

This season will run from the end of maintenance tonight until the end of Monday, September 3 (Pacific time), and you'll be able to track the rankings at the PvP Champions page. The top-ranked characters on each English server will earn hundreds of dollars in Amazon gift cards, and the top-ranked characters overall will get tons of in-game prizes.

We've modified and upgraded the PvP Seasons to reward PvP events, and also fixed some bugs in the way kills were tracked.

  • -Players will now only get credit for up to twelve PKs per hour per target. Additional PKs against different targets will count normally.
  • -Characters can now only get points by PKing characters 15 levels or less below them
  • -Ascended characters will never get points for PKing Unascended characters.
  • -Kills in Alliance Wars, Battlegrounds, etc now count properly.

On each English server, the top-ranked character will get a $100 Amazon gift card, the second-ranked character will get a $50 card, and the third-ranked character will get a $25 card.

Character with most points across servers:
“Stronger Than All” title. Grants +1% AP, +1% CritStrike Rate, +1% Skill Accuracy
Dragon Sigil
2x Empress Lunara spawns at time/place of winner’s choosing, GM availability permitting.
[Plus all prizes from lower tiers]

Top 10 winners:
Dragon Map Fragment 2
+1 Mahalo Pack (total of 2)
Spirit Fox mount
20x Great-tier Pet Jades
[Plus all prizes from lower tiers]

Top 200 winners:
1000x Chroma Beads
1x Mahalo Pack
20x Solar Orders, granting random top-tier Imbuing Talismans

Please note that these prizes will not be available for players on Skysong or Jadeon, though the season does include both of those servers. Keep checking the French and German JD pages.

Official rules are at http://jd.perfectworld.com/news/?p=629611. Drop by the forums to join the conversation, and get in-game and start PKing!

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    Become my inductee and I will powerlevel you and help you learn the game. I'm in USA-West Doom Bog, my name is Thederon, and I'm a level 150 Ascended Jadeon. My Inductor ID is 9400888X081008048000998Z2da2bb

  • uncrownedprinc3 @ Aug 1st, 2012 11:47PM

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