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PWI – Dawn of Spring Sale!

By V4liance @ March 20, 2013 at 12:00am


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Spring forward with all new items on sale this week – Advanced Shapeshifting for the Untamed and Gear Signature inks! Also, we've got the return of Dragon Orbs and Emperor Packs! Click through to see the super specials!


On sale starting this week:

  • Nether Essence
  • Gear Signature Inks:
    • Sunflower Yellow
    • Amber Gold
    • Lime Green
  • Dragon Orb (1 Star) – 50% off
  • Dragon Orb (2 Star) – 50% off
  • Dragon Orb (3 Star) – 50% off
  • Dragon Orb (4 Star) – 50% off
  • Dragon Orb (5 Star) – 50% off
  • Dragon Orb Ocean – 50% off
  • Emperor's Pack – 50% off


Advanced Shapeshifting:


Nether Essence


We've added new shapeshifting forms for our Barbarians and Venomancers in our Dawn of Spring content update! These new forms are even more powerful, and you'll have the choice to appear as the old shapeshifted appearances or take on new, fearsome guises!


And although you can obtain these new forms via in-game quests, why would you want to wait? Learn the advanced forms right NOW by purchasing a Nether Essence and start looking this gorgeous right away:


Venomancer Spirit Fox Form:

PWI free, PWI shapeshifting, PWI venomancer, PWI advanced form


Barbarian Panda Form:

PWI free, panda, shapeshifting, barbarian


Just talk to your local Barbarian or Venomancer skills trainer, and they'll get you started!


Note: you must already have either Sage or Demon level shapeshifting and be Lv100+. Please check the skills trainer first to see if you are eligible to use this item.  Also, please remember that you may attain these advanced forms via an in-game quest line.



Gear Signature Inks

It's fun to see who manufactured your equipment, with their name written in bold right on the tooltip, but wouldn't it be even more fun to put your own message in that spot?


Personalize your gear with our new Gear Signature Inks, and show off your style! Up to 19 characters are allowed!


Amber Gold


Lime Green


Sunflower Yellow


These delightful inks will brighten up your equipment in a big way! Check out these changes:


From the original:


To Amber Gold:


Or Lime Green:


Or Sunflower Yellow!


***Known issue: Currently, players are unable to add spaces in the gear signatures; this will be fixed in a future update.



 Dragon Orb Ocean


Dragon Orb Ocean is a powerful item that only the most hardcore of players and merchants need consider. This limited-time, ultra rare orb has a 100% chance to successfully increase an item's refinement level by 1, with the maximum refinement level at +10! This means that it can be used once before being consumed and can refine an item from +2 to +3, from +7 to +8, or from +9 to +10 (remember, it can only be used for one of these)!


Be sure to grab these quick, because in a few weeks, they’ll disappear again!




 1-Star Dragon Orbs through 5-Star Dragon Orbs


What do you do when you finally obtain that piece of gear that you've been pining for? Why, you upgrade it of course! And we've got you covered with this week's sale: 50% off Dragon Orbs!


1-Star Dragon Orbs, when used along with Mirage Celestones, will guarantee a successful refine from 0 to +1, and they can also be combined with each other to create even more powerful Dragon Orbs!


Each higher level Dragon Orb will guarantee one increase in refinement, up to that level. So that shiny 5-Star Dragon Orb will take your new dagger from +4 to +5, no problem!




  Emperor's Pack


Similarly to many of our other packs, such as the Tiger Pack and Dragon's Luck Pack, the Emperor's Pack brings the opportunity to win great prizes including gems, charms, and rare mounts!  


Even the lowest prize, Perfect Tokens of Luck, can be redeemed at the PW Boutique Agent for tons of useful items such as Gems, Wines, Hyper EXP Stones, and Guardian Scrolls! And if great luck does happen to be on your side while opening the pack, you could end up with a rare item that can be sold for millions of coins!   As for the rare mounts, this pack gives you the chance of getting:     


Inferno Panther






Feather's Misfortune










Jade of Eight Divines





Neon Crane





Ocean Heart



And check out these gorgeous fashion sets!



The smooth and stylish Cold Comfort fashion set for the guys, and the delightful and elegant Courtesan fashion set for the ladies!



Click here to see the full list of possible items.


The Nether Essence and Gear Signature Ink items will be permanently added to the PW Boutique.


All other item sales will run from 3/20/2013 @ 1am PDT until 4/3/2013 @ 1am PDT.  The Emperor's Pack will then be removed from the PW Boutique.



To view/purchase items from the PWI Boutique, press the "O" (for "Organic Fruit!") key! 



To Charge ZEN, click here!



Free MMORPG – Perfect World International (PWI)


  • xiritu @ Mar 20th, 2013 11:39AM

    what about for the tideborn forms?

  • balfrit @ Mar 20th, 2013 10:08AM

    why cant wolf change to wolf ,tiger to tiger ,lion to lion ,panda to panda ? That too much to ask ? Orb sale nice though

  • thexmas

    Because the Untamed are based on a real-life mythology and barb turning into a wolf would be in conflict with it.

  • noobgobbler @ Mar 20th, 2013 8:13AM

    LMFAO i knew it pwi you cheap bastrds lol charge for a feature that should already be fixed for free. you must be hurting bad. guys this game is dieing.there basicaly begging for money lol

  • bluebeau159

    If your talking about the shapeshifting form, you dont technically have to pay real money for it. In the red text under the picture it clearly states "Also, please remember that you may attain these advanced forms via an in-game quest line." So it is possible to get it game without spending cash if they give you a quest for it.

  • israely49 @ Mar 20th, 2013 7:58AM

    Take care :)

  • israely49 @ Mar 20th, 2013 7:58AM

    yonnav159 hi I'm here for you! You r not lost! I will help you all the way! Take cate

  • paulanne1 @ Mar 20th, 2013 7:56AM

    The shape-shifting options are a nice NEW feature. It would be nice if the Barbs had tails in Barb form..like the Venos have the fox and cat tails....the Wolf barb should have a wolf tail, the Lion barb with a lion tail, the Tiger barb with a tiger tail and the Panda bar with a furry black button. The Venos are the only ones with visible appendages hanging out their rear-ends.

  • iceroxy @ Mar 20th, 2013 6:56AM

    I love the Fashions you come up with. No complaint's about that. =D Take the positive comments, reconsider the thoughtful comments and ignore the curse comments. xD

  • metalmana @ Mar 20th, 2013 5:54AM

    where is my barb wolf form D:

  • stonewolf13 @ Mar 20th, 2013 5:35AM

    OMG really and herbavor on a barb 99% of the barbs I have seen are the carnavors and panda only?CHEAP!

  • repooc @ Mar 20th, 2013 5:10AM

    so funny with venos in caves,tought mounts cant be summond Q__Q

  • trollworld @ Mar 20th, 2013 4:44AM

    are you for real it says nothing that you have to be lvl 100 to gett the new dam form quest and im not finding more info

  • teknoo @ Mar 20th, 2013 4:03AM

    wateva the chinese do on there games they do here they cant make a total new form widout them azns doin it 1st ya bumz

  • blacktriangle @ Mar 20th, 2013 3:44AM

    really pwi? really? just a panda form for barbs? why not a wolf and lion aswell? it cant be that hard for you guys to do that, is it? or are you guys losing imagination/thought process? veno form looks good tho, so grats to all you venos out there.

  • twisted1

    A Big Like

  • emereldsix @ Mar 20th, 2013 3:43AM

    Bout fckn time for dragon orb sale, Bout fckn time venos and barbs get something cool. Anyone notice how at the very bottom it says: charge zen now? lol kinda pushy aren't we. fck everything else I'm just happy for the fckn ORBS you been starving us on >:)

  • kammyboy @ Mar 20th, 2013 3:28AM

    kool untamed get cool new forms would be nice if they fix the violet dance form for clerics D:, but on the bright side YAY for orbs sale :D

  • trollworld @ Mar 20th, 2013 3:23AM

    nvm i didnt rread the hole thing

  • redbuds4me @ Mar 20th, 2013 3:20AM

    What was PWI smoking when they came up with this fat ass panda. Let me go delete my RRR9 barb now!

  • trollworld @ Mar 20th, 2013 3:06AM

    29 fking gold are you for real to get the spirit form thats bull shit

  • udoramidnight @ Mar 20th, 2013 2:52AM

    Well the new forms are cool.. Esp the veno one.. I might just make a veno to run around in that form xD.. Gear ink.. good idea.. More way's to be creative with gears.. maybe more ppl will make gear's just to randomly put stuff on em XD and YES ORB SALE WOO!

  • skydragonx7 @ Mar 20th, 2013 2:46AM

    thing i want from pwi is to erase PERFECT HAMMER, its really useless, no 1 want to pay 5 golds for 1 mill, erase that hammer n let us can open chest of coin directly without that hammer

  • diggere @ Mar 20th, 2013 2:30AM

    Yeah, more shiny things to spend money on... But what about working on the game itself? Boss UI for example. Or go fight the Lag-beast. <3

  • jezmene @ Mar 20th, 2013 2:21AM

    this is how I know this game is broken. One they cant fix anything, 2 I am running it on a mean comp. A 8 core AMD FX processor, 8 GB of over clocked gaming ram, zero raid solid states, and a Geforce 440 GT vid card, and none of that helps pwi at all with the lag, or even speeds it up. Other games such a GW2 and so on, are so freaking fast and no lag. PWI I love you, but you are so screwed up.....

  • donkeeypunch @ Mar 20th, 2013 2:09AM

    The panda looks either drunk or stoned...

  • noobgobbler

    lol panda looks like a sissy begging for more dirty humpin

  • fabios554 @ Mar 20th, 2013 1:59AM

    Since the server has no barbarians, transfomando on a fat panda coki hair, will have even less. Poderi at least one leao leao transform into a wolf in wolf a tigre tigre not in a panda = /

  • slutpuppie @ Mar 20th, 2013 1:45AM

    lucky623602 what are you complaining about you magic casters are way over powered anyway and you have the possability of removing negitive buffs with recasting you magic weapon try going to a NW and keep getting stuneed every 2 seconds. a recasted magic weapon with that stat can not be stunned so quit wining this is a caster game.


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