Product Data Analyst / Product Manager

  • Redwood City, CA
  • Operations

You are the Product Data Analyst. You collect and study data to reveal ways to improve the product. You enjoy working with large data sets and coming up with logical conclusions based on that data. You work closely as a consultant to both Marketing and Game Development to ensure that your product remains competitive and relevant.


You help develop product features by identifying and analyzing competitive products; conducting market research; generating product requirements; determining specifications, production timetables, pricing, and time-integrated plans for product introduction; developing marketing narratives with respect to the content.


You build product features from existing ideas, and help to develop new ideas based on your industry experience and your contact with customers and prospects. You possess a unique blend of business and technical savvy, a big-picture vision, and the drive to make that vision a reality. You enjoy spending time in the market to understand factors of success, and find innovative ways to meet those specifications.



·         Works with Game Development and Marketing to help define and develop product strategy and roadmap.

·         Introduces and markets new product features by developing time-integrated plans with sales, advertising, and production.

·         Gains a deep understanding of customer experience, identifies and fills product gaps and generates new ideas that grow market share, improve customer experience and drive growth.

·         Creates buy-in for the product vision with partners.

·         Translates product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes.

·         Scopes and prioritizes activities based on business and customer impact.

·         Evaluates promotional plans to ensure that they are consistent with product-line strategy and that the message is effectively conveyed.

·         Deliver MRDs and PRDs with prioritized features and corresponding justification.

·         Conducts research and analysis of product-related KPIs, formulate cohesive and accurate narratives regarding the data, and helps the organization make better business decisions.

·         Prepares statistical and narrative reports and recommendations, and participates in the analysis and interpretation of data as appropriate.

·         Conducts full lifecycle analysis to include requirements, activities, design, and result. Monitors performance to identify improvements.

·         Presents findings and translates data into understandable documents. Speaks clearly, easily communicating complex ideas.

·         Analyzes numbers, trends, and data and comes to conclusions based on findings.

·         Remains vigilant in ensuring proper data to ensure that analysis and conclusions are correct.

·         Researches and helps develop new data collection nodes, proposing both tools and methods by which this new data will be collected and evaluated.

·         Provide regular reports to the company on product health.

·         Work with Game Development and Marketing and provide financial and user forecasts.



·         5 years in the gaming industry, at least 3 of which were as a Product Manager or Product Data Analyst.

·         1 – 2 years of experience with analyzing data.

·         Proven work experience in product management.

·         Proven work experience as a data analyst or business data analyst.

·         Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority.

·         Proven track record of managing all aspects of a successful product throughout its lifecycle.

·         Proven ability to develop product and marketing narratives and effectively communicate recommendations to related stakeholders.

·         Proven success defining and launching excellent products.

·         MS/BS degree in Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Information Management or Statistics, or equivalent experience.

·         Strong background in understanding and/or hands-on experience in game development.

·         Strong problem solving skills and willingness to roll up one’s sleeves to complete the job.

·         Skilled at working effectively with cross functional teams in a matrix organization.

·         Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy.

·         Adept at queries, report writing and presenting findings.

·         Knowledge of research methodology, principles and procedures.

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·         Excellent teamwork skills.

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