Senior UI Engineer

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Game Programming

*Located in Seattle, WA*

An innovative game development studio partner of Perfect World is seeking a Senior UI Engineer with a focus on both front-end and in-game UI. This individual should be passionate about user interfaces, user experience and flows, and creating accessible and intuitive gaming experiences. Senior UI Engineers play a key role within the Studio by working with our creative and QA teams to design, implement, test, support, and enhance Gameplay experience through UI as well as mentoring other Engineers and taking on key architecture and code design tasks.


  • Implement intuitive and exciting user interfaces from the ground up using C++, Flash and Actionscript 3 using UnrealEngine3
  • Write, test and debug user interface code for our games
  • Rapidly prototype and iterate user interface elements and flows
  • Liaise with designers, producers and artists to implement new UI features
  • Ability to write clear, clean, extensive, reliable and maintainable code
  • Mentor other engineers by providing guidance for best practices, giving input about writing performant code and making architectural code design decisions


  • 5+ years of games industry experience as an engineer, at least 3 years in UI
  • High degree of proficiency writing code with C++, UnrealScript and Actionscript 3
  • Excellent knowledge of UI architectural patterns and best practices
  • Experience with Scaleform integration APIs
  • Working knowledge of Autodesk Flash
  • At least one shipped AAA title as a Senior UI Engineer using UnrealEngine3, preferable with console experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or equivalent experience


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