Lead QA Tester

  • San Francisco, CA
  • (QA) Quality Assurance & Localization


· Closely partner with product lead, ops team and developers across the studio to build the release pipeline for a 24/7 game product

· Use Unreal Engine 4 to creatively dig into the game and answer “is this high quality?”

· Drive development of QA process and own the backlog of QA tech needs

· Act as primary point of contact for publishing QA team working on integration testing

· Manage QA roadmap and guide features into release ready status

· Participate in release ops, manage live issues and track platform submissions

· Grow and adapt with the product for continued personal and game improvements


Desired Experience

· Shipped titles in PC or Console space, working the full life cycle of game development from dev to release

· Combination of Game QA and Technical QA background, with experience creating and executing test plans

· Created measurable outcomes/improvements through applied project management abilities

· Demonstrated eagerness to learn new tools and grow with the needs of the project

· Shown impact through keen observation, catching the details, and proactively communicating critical information

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