• Oct 1st

    Neverwinter: Uprising Now Live!

Greetings Adventurers!  


New Adventures and Perils!

We are super excited to bring you our latest update module, Uprising! The Endless war between the githyanki and the Mind flaying Illithids has overflowed into Undermountain, looking for an ancient tome, known as the Teachings of Zerthimon. Can you can thwart the githyanki and illithids? The fate of Neverwinter and the Material Plane rests with you!


The trial of trials!  

Halaster Blackcloak is none too happy that you have bested his apprentices and are now causing having dealing with an Uprising in his dungeon, so has called you to his personal Tower in a new end game trial. The Tower will pit 10 hardy adventurers against the Mad Mage himself, Halaster Blackcloak, ruler and creator of Undermountain. Emerge victorious and you can earn the powerful lionheart weapons, the strongest in the game yet!


Changes to Protector’s Enclave?

Did Lord Neverember come into a large amount of golden dragons? Will he finally pay out on those promissory notes (which I hope you have kept)? Not even Kavatos with his Robe of Eyes can tell us the answers to these questions- but we can see that Protector’s Enclave has gotten a much needed face lift.

Sergeant Knox has moved to a more central location in Protector’s Enclave and has been conducting other changes, like moving the Events area down to the main grounds for better access. This and plenty more to help facilitate better game play.

And for our new and retuning players…

We have updated the tutorial, and polished and cleaned up game play from levels 1- 20. This is a huge improvement of flow, quests, getting your mount sooner- and clean ups of Blacklake (well not too clean) and the Tower district.

New Race- the gith! To go along with the new beginning of the game clean up, we are excited to announce that this brand new playable race will be available with the launch of Neverwinter: Uprising!

The new gith race will be free for a limited time:

  • Free to VIP for the first 2 weeks of the module (October 1 - 14)
  • Free to everyone (including VIP) for the 2 weeks after that (October 15 - 28)
  • Starting October 29, players who didn’t log in for the free gith will have to buy a pack to get access to this race.


New appearance System

This has been a long time coming for Neverwinter and we are very happy to include the new Appearance system in Uprising. The big change from our previous fashion system is that equipment’s appearance and colour is now defined per slot instead of per item, and once you convert, you have it forever! To get you started, we’ve automatically converted all of your fashion items (only fashion items!) that were bound to your character.


New PvP Arena!

Now that you can dominate with your appearance, we are giving you a new PvP arena to dominate. Introducing Stardock Arena, a triangular domination set up floating in space far above the world of Toril. This PvP map introduces new Action point power ups and dangerous holes in the arena that you can fall through, or push your opponents out and into the void of space. Along with the new PvP map we are introducing new PvP gear!


Event Refreshes- new Rewards

On top of all of this, we have been working hard to update our events with new rewards, and other fun surprises. To delve deeper into all the new content and features in Neverwinter: Uprising!

Be sure to visit the Developer Blog Hub for more detailed info!

The Uprising is here- Join or Die!


Thomas Foss
Lead Designer

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