• Feb 21st

    Post Launch Patch 3 - Feature Improvements

Torchlight II on consoles is getting another big update today! Read on to see what's improved:

  • Rebuilt Skills Page
  • Videos will now play on the skills page to show players what abilities they are investing their skill points into
  • Additional Transmutation Recipes have been added to the game
Upgraded Elemental Gem Requires any x2 Gems of the same type & size
Vendor boon scroll 3x set items + 1x Town Portal or Identify Scroll
Random Pet Fish Requires 1x Pet Collar, 1x Pet Tag, 1x Fish
Random Pet Equipment Requires 4x Fish
Unique Weapon Shard Requires 3x Unique Weapons, 1x Huge Gem
Unique Helmet Shard Requires 3x Unique Class Helmets, 1x Huge Gem
Unique Glove Shard Requires 3x Unique Class Gloves, 1x Huge Gem
A random legendary item Requires 1x of each Unique Shard
Summon Master Enchanter Scroll Requires 1x Unique Shard, 1x Town Portal Scroll, 1x Identify Scroll
Random Legendary Requires 1x Claptraps Bolt, 1x Diamond Sword, 1x One-Eyed Willies Eye, 1x Buffalo Bills Mask
  • New Pets - The Seal, Muskox, and Reindeer have been added to the game
  • General Bug and Stability Improvements
  • Resolved PS4 multiplayer issue


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