• Apr 21st

    Return to the Swamps of Corsus

Return to the Swamps of Corsus, where the warring clans that inhabit this land have been drawn under a single banner: The Iskal. The Iskal’s promise is simple: “Be Freed of Worry and Pain!” This assurance of enlightenment and unity has drawn together all of the inhabitants of the sweltering swamplands.  The foretelling of peace and harmony has come to pass, as indicated in the teachings of the Iskal. All are one within the Iskal. There are no more wars, no more power struggles, no more hunger, only harmony, only enlightenment, only Iskal.

“Life is hard, but need not face it alone. The Iskal is an enlightened collective, sharing heart, mind, and purpose. Together, there is no burden we cannot bear.”

Unaware of the looming threat the Root poses to worlds without a Guardian, the Iskal has thrived unimpeded. Cessnya, the queen of the Iskal, has unified almost the entire population, save for a single inhabitant who hides away in a sacred burial site.  The Iskal cannot traverse these hollowed grounds, leaving the sole survivor just out of reach of the Iskal’s “Enlightenment”.

Cessnya once again requires your help. She requests your cunning, not your strength, in order to convince the outlier to embrace the Iskal. Will you help Cessnya get what she desires or will you deny her this and put an end to the Iskal? Stay tuned for more details, videos, exclusive reveals, and exciting content on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Follow us on Twitch to catch the Corsus 2.0 preview livestream this Thursday, April 23rd. Be sure to join the conversation with devs and find teammates on our official Discord server.


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